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How it Works

Our simple to use, free Android and iOS app allows for easy day of job tracking. Know all the information you need to execute your jobs and keep in touch with the customer, all from the app.


Trade Partners also get access to our web portal that offers a job map, as well as a full list of all historical and future jobs. 


Perks of Partnering


Access to Jobs

We provide access and visibility to jobs you would not have known about!



Payment Terms

Guaranteed payment within 5-7 business days. You chose your preferred method.



Business Management

Focus on executing your business. We'll remove the overhead.



Focus on executing your business. We'll send the work to you.


Data & Insights

Utilize our free app and system to track your jobs. Receive performance reports that help you analyze your business.


Max Capacity

A large capacity of daily jobs offered, combined with flexible scheduling, means you consistently operate close to 99%.

Subcontractor Application
Trade Partner Application
Do you have at minimum $1M in liability insurance?
Would you be able to provide a W-9 for your company?
What Trade Partners Say

"Our clients have tripled along with our daily volume thanks to Scrap-It! Their team is extremely responsive and easy to work with."

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